Bourne Legacy

I make a cameo in this movie.  Kind of like how Bob Hope did in Spies Like Us, except I talk more about Buick LeSabres.

It is happening!  I think the next few episodes are the best we’ve ever done.

I’m telling you these guys are crazy good at drawing:

In the 1980′s Warren Klein was the most powerful agent in Hollywood.  Jody Lambert and I recently discovered a full archive of his recorded voicemails. This one captures him explaining to Christian Slater that there is always two of everything, except Mike Winslow

Myself and Jody Lambert recently came into possession of the Warren Klein Voice Mail Archive.

In the 1980′s Warren was the most powerful agent in Hollywood. He represented the biggest stars of the era. Presumed lost, the Warren Klein Voicemail Archive was discovered last year in a foreclosed storage unit in Brentwood, CA. Warren Klein was ranked #74 on Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People Of 1986.

Friday 2/25 -  9:30 – @the PIT – ONE NIGHT ONLY!!

Myself and some of New York’s most celebrated comedic minds force ourselves to be inspired by the Greatest Hits of GEORGE MICHAEL.

Expect things of this nature:

Onion Sports Dome

It’s happening. Now that the paper of record has covered it I can reveal my identity as one of the co-anchors of Comedy Central’s Onion Sports Dome. I’m the one with the glasses. I play Mark Shepard.  Who has a pretty sweet Tweeter goin.  Please to enjoy.
Here is a promo:

They asked me if I would glue some hair to the back of my head pour fake garlic powder on beloved fellow Big Black Car member Scott Eckert.  I said “What time? And what do I wear?”

Here is a little video of what’s in store.  I think it looks cool.  But then again I get back end on the merch.

New Karaoke Video

The last Downtown Superstar Ten Minute Hour was yet another triumph.

It took as its theme the debauched late 80′s powerhouse Guns n Roses, and Swords, John Flynn, Jess Allen, Chris O’Brien, and Tyler Cash knocked it out.  Kevin Scott directed another karaoke video, this one for Sweet Child o Mine and I wanted to share it here. Those shorts are not gag shorts, you can by them at Modells. No lie.



This is the look and feel of my new website. Sweet, right?  Are you as excited as I am?

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