Warren Klein Voice Mail Archive.

Myself and Jody Lambert recently came into possession of the Warren Klein’s lost tapes.

In the 1980′s Warren was the most powerful agent in Hollywood. He represented the biggest stars of the era. Presumed lost, the Warren Klein Voicemail Archive was discovered last year in a foreclosed storage unit in Brentwood, CA. Warren Klein was ranked #74 on Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People Of 1986.

Warren Klein 2
Candy Gossett throws great parties.

Warren Klein 3
Front side air!

Home made Karaoke Video!

This time it’s for Guns n Roses’ “Sweet Child o Mine”.  I did my own stunts.

Onion Gorilla Video

I say “inevitable doom” real weird but the bit holds up.

Fleetwood Mac Karaoke

Starring the great Liz Bangs.  You might start to notice a trend in the casting.

George Michael’s “Last Christmas” Karaoke

Almost got kicked out of K Mart making this bad boy. It was worth it.

“Don’t Go Breakin My Heart” Karaoke

I can’t stop making Jenga jokes.

Roaring Brook

directed by Kevin Scott.  More wine, anyone?

Average Chef

My old friend Greg Altman invited me over and this is what happened.


One of a bunch of TMZ parodies me and the members of Big Black Car made. It has the most hits out of all of them but I think that has more to do with Ashley Ward’s bathing suit than anything else. It is very, very stupid. Turns out it’s pretty easy to enter a parade.

Successorize: Mind Fight

From the Successorize vaults. Bob Wiltfong and I doing our damnedest.

Successorize: Hand Shadows

Successorize: Hearing Impaired


You got to serve somebody. Here are some of the better ones.

NY Lottery Commercial

Doing some vampire hunting with fellow Big Black Car member Scott Eckert.



Lovin’ It

Office Depot